Create and manage your
Facebook giveaways the right way.

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Automatic and transparent draw of giveaway winners from the likes and comments on your Facebook posts.

What can Pangolex do for you?

Select your Facebook post from which you want to create a giveaway and let Pangolex register the valid participants in real time and automatically select the winners at the time and according to the parameters you have previously set.

Protect your giveaway and brand integrity

Using Pangolex, you will benefit from the completely transparent and impartial management of your giveaways and will ensure their integrity, contributing to building the participants’ trust in your brand.

Managing your giveaways will never have been so simple

Whether you have 1, 2 or 100 giveaways to manage, Pangolex will do all the work for you. No more wasting your time putting names in a hat for a draw!

Pangolex ensures the credibility of your giveaways in the eye of the participants by showing them the terms and conditions of your giveaways from the get go.

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